How Does Animation Work?

How Does Animation Work?

July 12, 2018 0 By Anthony M. Gomez



With the advancement of technology, the entertainment and business world has been transformed into something very new and different from the ancient world. In entertainment, both music and movies have seen tremendous changes as content creators try to reach every audience. Evidence of this move is the introduction of animated movies and music videos. Since children, as well as a number of adults, love watching cartoons, many movies have been created with cartoon characters.


In businesses, product promotion has also taken the animation path with the aim of attracting the attention of potential buyers. Most of the products promoted through animation are consumables for children. Watching funny image transitions raise children’s interest in a certain product thus boosting sales. So, what is animation?


Animation can be described merely as a simulated motion created by displaying a series of images and frames. Unlike films, animations involve compiling independent pictures to form a continuous motion illusion. One is likely to ask how animation works. Well, before being displayed as a final animated item, a series of processes take place on the animation. To create an animation, one needs computer animation software; this can either be 3D Max or any other software capable of handling 3D animation works.


With the computer, one generates a sequence of still images. These images give an illusion of motion through a three-dimensional space when played. The animation software generates a set of parameters that guide the display and movement of elements along the axes. With the animator, a location for the camera is established, this defines the angle at which the animated object will be viewed. The source of light is also determined. After all the parameters are set, rendering is then done.


Rendering is the process by which the time taken for the ball to move from one point to another is calculated as well as the appearance of the frames from the camera’s point of view. In the end, what is seen is a series of still images being displayed in a sequence and at a very fast frequency, this can be up to 25 frames per second.

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However, contrary to what many people believe, a computer does not perform the animation by itself. In animation, a computer is just a tool like any other. It is an individual that comes up with all the required images and sounds and content.